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Frequent Asked Questions

  • What does it cost to get started? It is FREE OF COST to join! Upgrading to PRO will cost $12 for your monthly membership.
  • How do I place an order? By secure online cedit card transaction or PayPal.
  • Why do I need this club? You need these tools if you want to generate income for several online business programs. Instead of advertising multiple URL's, put your programs into Multiple Income Portfolio, advertise as normal. Just make sure you advertise the Main URL and people will come to see all of your the sites in your portfolio.
  • How many businesses can I promote with this tool? This system can promote up to 15 URL's in your Income Portfolio.
  • How do I ADD my business URL's? First, login into the Members Area and click on the Portfolio button to add your URL's and your sites will be added to our rotation.
  • How will my URL's be seen by prospects? You would add your Main URL to all your Traffic programs and each time someone visit your site the system will display a different business from your Portfolio or DigiStore.
  • Do Affiliates have to renew every month? No. Renewals are required only at the end of each membership period.
  • How often is commission paid? Monthly. Commissions are paid on the 15th of each month to your AlertPay or PayPal.
  • What about training? We will provide online training through the use of our support system, Fast Track program, and success newsletters.
  • OK, what do I do next? Click here to GET STARTED and be on your way to success or establishing another source of income for your retirement.

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